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International Journal of Electronic Devices and Networking

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A
Cloud computing based E-learning

Author(s): Rochak Shrivastav

Abstract: E-learning is related to distant-learning usually by internet. It requires to implement these large infrastructures are required by different organizations which is expensive. Cloud computing integrates web services like e-mail, web-applications, forums and learning platforms to use its infrastructure. It also supports data mining from which inherent knowledge can be extracted by accessing different databases. Cloud computing is viable solution to this problem. Its inexpensiveness is a boon for those organizations who often find it difficult to deploy, monitor and manage online laboratories known as virtual labs. It is an adoptable technology due to its adjustability and usage of virtual resources through internet. The paper will discuss challenges faced in development of e-learning systems and how cloud computing resolves these challenges. It will also discuss about the advantage of cost effectiveness of the technology for its implementation of hardware and software, the convolution in its implementation and how it can be reduced, its impacts on E-learning, and how current models lack the support of infrastructures for effective utilization of available resources and a sustainable approach towards e-learning.

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Rochak Shrivastav. Cloud computing based E-learning. Int J Electron Devices Networking 2022;3(2):28-35.
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