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International Journal of Electronic Devices and Networking

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A
Use of artificial intelligence in public administration

Author(s): Aman Kumar Mishra

Abstract: With the advancement in technology an intense debate about benefits and concerns associated with powerful technologies started. One of the powerful technologies is Artificial Intelligence, which can actively contribute to economic growth and national pride. This paper gives an all-inclusive study of Artificial Intelligence technology as an instrument in economic development and improvement in public administration. The study shows several key factors which led to the moderate development of Artificial Intelligence technology and its implementation in the government regulatory process. With my research paper, I focus to contribute to the social studies of Artificial Intelligence and appearing AI technologies more broadly with a particular focus on the good governance and policy making.While this paper keeps a view on common trends in recent policies made by government for AI, similar to other offerings in the special issues. I understand the necessity of various regional, national and local traditions and contexts. The conclusive paper insists on international alliance held up by science diplomacy, as well as studying from reckoning ethics and responsible inventions. AI has the capability to change the society and can help in improvement of human lifestyle through better decision-making policies. This piece of idea sees Artificial Intelligence as a critical part in the 4th industrial revolution that comprises the blending of digital, physical, and biological technologies. This paper suggests many ways to improve Artificial Intelligence integration within the national economy sector to attain national and global progress goals.

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Aman Kumar Mishra. Use of artificial intelligence in public administration. Int J Electron Devices Networking 2022;3(2):75-81.
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